Saturday, 29 March 2008

Don't let evils grow in your Mind

Rust grows on iron and destroys it; so evil grows in the mind of man and destroys him.

Most of the time, it is so easy to slip into shamelessness, to be pert and bold like a crow, to hurt others without feeling of regret for such action. It is hard, indeed, to feel humble, to know respect and honor, to get rid of all attachments, to keep pure in thought and deed, and to become wise. It is also easy to point out the mistakes of others, while it is hard to admit one's own mistakes. A man tends to broadcasts the sin of others without thinking, but hides his own sins as a gambler hides his extra dice.

So, what can we do??

The first step toward spiritual freedom from the worldly bonds and fetters is to control one's mind, to stop idle talk, and to be somewhat pensive.

He who is influenced by his likes and dislikes can not rightly understand the significance of circumstances and tends to be overcome by them; he who is free from attachments rightly understands circumstances and to him all things become new and significant.

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