Saturday, 18 August 2007

Thai~~Animal Per day system

Found some interesting info from the web. As far as most of us were aware, Chinese have a system of 12 horoscopes sign for the year and they are: Rat , Cow , Tiger , Rabbit , Dragon , Snake , Horse , Goat , Monkey , Rooster , Dog , Pig.

The system in Thai as we know sat prajam wan (สัตว์ประจำวัน)
'Animal per day' in which each day of the week corresponds with a certain mythological or real animal, that is, the Garuda for Sunday, the tiger for Monday, a lion or horse for Tuesday, an elephant for Wednesday, that is a tusked elephant before noon and a tuskless elephant for the afternoon or evening, a rat for Thursday, a Guinea pig for Friday and a serpent or snake for Saturday. The choice of animals is derived from the mounts of seven important gods, who in turn are associated with celestial bodies laid out in the dao prajam wan system. Animals assigned to the days of the week vary in the different Southeast Asian countries, and may as well differ locally.

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