Wednesday, 8 August 2007

四面佛~~The Four Faced Buddha


  1. 书本 – 代表无上智慧,可求赐与学业成功.

  2. 念珠 – 代表轮迴与修行.

  3. 枪棍 – 代表驱除一切魔障

  4. 水壶 – 代表解渴;有求必应.

  5. 螺壳 – 代表赐福,赐财,赐宝物.

  6. 按胸手印 – 代表庇佑平安吉祥.

  7. 法轮 – 代表消灾,收服一切邪魔外道.

  8. 如意宝 – 代表万事如意,财源广进.

The four faces symbolize the four books of the Vedas, the Hindu scriptures and the source of all knowledge in the creation of the universe.

  • The eight hands, symbolize the omnipresence and power of Lord Brahma.

  • The upper right hand carries a rosary, symbolizing the cycle of life from creation to death.

  • The upper left hand carries the Vedas, symbolizing knowledge and intellect.

  • The lower left hand carries a pot of water representing cosmic energy of creation.

  • The lower right hand bestows grace and protection.

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