Monday, 20 August 2007

นางกวัก or "NANG KWAK"

NANG KWAK is a spirit supposed to bring money in the household. Its statue represents a woman in Thai traditional clothes, sitting on her knees with the right hand up and the hand making the gesture to bring money to her-self. Thai people like to have this statue in their home or their shop.

According to the legend, the real name of Nang Kwak was Supawadee. She was the daughter of Sujitbrahma, her father and Sumontha, her mother. She was born in merchant family in Matshikasun City. When she was young, she was blessed to bring wealth to her family by one of her masters. Since then her family was gradually wealthier and wealthier. Later, many people respected her. After she passed away, people cast her statue to worship and ask for their wealth. Nang Kwak is believed to be helpful for shop-owners. Her statues usually are found near cash registers in most Thai restaurants. A small glass of water is often found in front of her statue as an offering. Some people even wear her small statue pendant as
they believe that Nang Kwak brings money luck to them.

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