Thursday, 9 August 2007

Phra Rahu

"PHRA RAHU" is the mythical god of darkness.

Rahu is said to swallow from time to time his two brothers, the moon and the sun, and throw them out again. It is the popular explanation for eclipses.

In year 1997, Wat Srisa Thong in Nakhon Pathom took part in a ceremony seeking blessings from Rahu, god of darkness. The ceremony was important to Rahu followers because of the total lunar eclipse. Followers believe the eclipse was caused by Rahu's shadow over the full moon. Wat Srisa Thong is most popular with Rahu followers because it has a giant statue of Rahu, the biggest in Thailand.

The Prime Minister Chavalit's wife, Khunying Phankrua Yongchaiyudh, was to seek help from Rahu, the mythical god of darkness, to keep her husband's coalition government in one piece. Seeking the blessing of Rahu to repel bad luck is a common practice.

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