Friday, 17 August 2007

Phra Siwalih (พระสิวลี)

Name of a venerated monk. He is the son of princess Suppawasah, daughter of the king of Kohliya. From early on in her pregnancy, when he was still in his mother's womb, Siwalih already caused a lot of good fortune to his mother, due her adoration for him. According to legend he stayed in his mothers womb for seven years and she was in labour pains for seven days, but immediately after his birth she started to work again as usual. Later, Siwalih ordained as a monk with Sariputta. On the day of his ordination, as soon as he got his hair cut off, with the very first cut of the razorblade, he attained Enlightenment, as a result of his merit. And from the moment he had his head completely shaved, he became an Arahan. He perfected his luck factor, caused a lot of gain amongst his fellow monks and received praise from the Enlightened One, who said he was a champion in bringing luck. It is therefore since long believed that anyone who worships Phra Siwalih or a relic of him, will receive peace in the form of happiness and good luck. Phra Siwalih is usually portrayed as a travelling monk, walking with a klot (the closed umbrella on his shoulder), a staff and a yahm
shoulder bag.

His is well known as an Arahan monk lives in Buddha's period that always has good luck and wealth, he's NEVER been sick in his life.

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