Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Quotes from Amma

"Don't be discouraged by the impossibility of dispelling darkness from the world with your one little candle. Just light it!
Step forward and let it shine with every step you take to help others."

"Grace is the factor that brings the right result at the right time in the right proportion to your actions."

"Try to work selflessly with love.
Pour yourself into whatever you do.
Then you will feel and experience beauty in every field of work.
Love and beauty are within you.
Try to express them through your actions
and you will definitely touch the very source of bliss."

We should try to perform all of our actions as sacred jobs entrusted to us by God. Then all of our actions will be transformed into devotional worship of God, and thus give us fulfilment. See all work as coming from God and our attitude will change and we will change"

Everything in the world is changing―with one exception: our negative mental state! We should develop a mind devoid of egoism―a mind that doesn't fall apart in failure, a mind that finds joy in giving and accepts adversity with love. Such a mind will never experience sorrow."

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