Thursday, 23 April 2009

My Bangkok Trip~~End

9th Stop~~ Wat Hualamphong, 3rd Class Royal Temple
A very BUSY temple with LOTS of Buddha statues and I would say it’s a good place to take pictures. To our surprise, the place for donating coffins is just NEXT to it. So of course we walk over and donated coffin. It’s a very crowded Chinese temple and the people that speaks very good teochew.
We managed to complete our mission in about 5-6 hours, Tiring but for fulfilling and amazingly all of us felt so peaceful and warm after the whole session. In fact before we make our trip, many people around us made lots of negative comment to dampen our enthusiasm. Telling us that this is a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE, no way will we be able to complete all the 9 temples in one day. I’ve chosen to ignore and forgive their ignorance. If the thais can do it on their birthday and special occasion like SONGKRAN, it’s proven that this can be done.

A little setback, the driver changed my destination which I have planned, and I’m really upset with their unprofessionalism. As I do not want to upset and rest of the members, I choose to keep quiet and follow the routes since only the last 2 temples was changed by them, they thought I’m not aware, I do. Anyway, though disappointed, but I would say as long as we are sincere, it doesn’t really matters which temple we goes to. So far, this is another meaningful trip after the trip to Surin in 2005. And I hope in near future I would be able to return and complete the 9 temple as planned.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Rahu.
When you go to 9 sacred temple in Bangkok? by tour or by bus,taxi?
I want to go there too, but I'm little bit confused about the transportation cause I bring my mother. I think I want to take a one-day tour...but don't know where to find the tour 9 sacred temple...Can you help me...Thank you...chacha

Rahu Om Chan Singapore said...

I booked a mini van since there's 6 of us. It can be pretty hectic and tiring,so pls be prepared. If only the two of you, can get a taxi, or get the hotel to help as those temple are scatter around so must make sure the driver know the way.

eckhart tolle