Wednesday, 22 April 2009

My Bangkok Trip Part Four

Alright, finally last 3 temples.... by then we are kinda tired but at least it's something to keep us moving, we are so near to our final destination.
7th Stop~~ Wat Rakhang 2nd Class Royal Temple. Very Old Temple and renovation going on. There’s some little "street stall" next to the temple. Had always heard people talking about amulet of "wat Rakhang" and finally I know why. The temple "rent" lots of amulet, it’s like a little amulet shop and business was good. It’s a pity as there was quite a queue for blessing from the monk, we did not join in the queue. Oh ya I was told that this is one of the royal temple because King Rama I stayed there during his early years.

8th Stop~~ Wat Ratchanadaram 3rd Class Royal Temple, under renovation. Still get to climb up the temples to pray. There is an Amulet market beside the temple, full of people, can see that most are mass production. The famous Pagoda called "Loha Prasat" as size 36 metres high with 37 surrounding spires. The surrounding I would say ~~ VERY QUIET and PEACEFUL.

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