Monday, 20 April 2009

My Bangkok Trip Part ONE

It’s been more than a month after my return from my "spiritual Trip" at Bangkok. Guess it’s time I give some updates to my trip which I have planned to do so last month. Again, my PC at home is down! I should have pray for a new laptop when I’m there.. hahaha.. No lah, I don’t request all this luxury from GOD.

OK, my group of 6 touched down at BKK on 28/2 and after checking in to the hotel, we went straight to the Erawan Shrine to pray to the four faced Buddha. Needless to elaborate more on this FAMOUS Pilgrimage Place. As usual it’s full of devotees from all over the world. Then we head to Yaowarat where we intend to have our dinner and also donating the coffin. Well, my mistake, I should have brought along the map and address of the 「義德善堂] no one was able to give me direction to go, nevertheless, we still donated a coffin at one of a small Chinese temple.

The next temple we visited was Wat Srisathong, Nathon Pathom. The last time I went to this temple was in 2005 and so much changes in this temple. They are upgrading the whole place but one thing which remains~~The flies and Bees! It took us a while to get the courage to eat the offerings after the prayers, well, Singaporeans are too "pampered". Anyway like I told the rest of them, if you want good luck, just eat it!

After visiting the temple, we head to Ayutthaya to the Wat Mahathat. The famous site for the image of the Head of the Buddha, with tree branches growing around it and also rows of headless Buddha. This is a nice and peaceful place and it’s worth a visit. be con't

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