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LP Ngern 16.06.1810~1919

Monk NGERN" was name "NGERN" or meaning Money. He was born on Friday 16-sep-1810 at Pi-Jit province,Thailand.

He entered monkhood when he was 12 years old to become a senior student of Luang Phor Suk. When he is 25, he returned to wat bang klan in pichit province.

LP Ngern was famous of making HOLY WATER and the famous story of him was ~~ Krom Luang chumporn, the son of King Rama V was the favourite student of LP Suk. LP suk entrusted him to LP Ngern after he had completed his incantation study. When Krom Luang chumporn arrived at wat Bang Klan by boat without prior notice, LP Ngern exhibited miracle power by walking on the water surface to greet him in the middle of the river. And when prince asked how did he know of his arrival, he replied " LP Suk had told me through telepathy"!

He died in year 1919 when he was 109 years Old and was the top 5 Famous monk in Thailand.

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