Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Chao Mae Tuptim shrine is located on the grounds of the Nai Lert Bangkok Hotel (Swissotel) on Wireless Road.

This Shrine is dedicated to Phra Mae Tuptim. A sign at the site indicates that the precise origin of the shrine is unknown. It was likely erected by Nai Lert as a spirit house for the spirit that was believed to reside in the large ficus tree on the spot.

Traditional offerings always included jasmine flowers, incense sticks and lotus buds. However over the years less traditional offerings were given, and now the area around the shrine is occupied by numerous small and large lingams or phallic symbols. As such it is believed the shrine is dedicated to fertility (and good luck).

Tall cylinders of stone (called "lingams") are worshipped as the phallic images of Hindu god Shiva.

It is said that women who pray here in a wish to become fertile for pregnancy, will return if their wish is fulfilled, and place another phallus at the shrine in thanks.

Thais occasionally dangle a tiny wooden phallus from their belt or necklace, for added protection. Modern Thais are familiar with wooden penises which are sold in markets as good luck amulets. Sometimes, a shop or restaurant will display a wooden penis in a discreet location, hoping it will help business.

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