Thursday, 20 November 2008

I once know of a group of people who always go to Wat Don Chan, Chiangmai to cook for the Orphans in the temple and donated money on a regular basis. They no longer doing it and it's kind of disappointing.

Lately when I check out the web for this temple, I'm really happy to know that there are foreign volunteers/organization who offer great help to them. Some examples are

  1. Toys for Thailand -
  2. Dreams can come True Foundation -
  3. The Chiangmai Family Services -

These organization not only collect donation to improve the facilities ( bed, toilet and shower facility ), they also make sure that there will be sufficient food to feed all the 650 children. They teach the children 4 subjects; art (including painting, handicrafts and jewellery crafting), English, sports (including music and dancing), and photography. They can sell the handicraft and proceed will go to the Temple for future use.

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