Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Inserting Takrut / Lek Lai inserting ritual

I have read about Monks inserting Takrut into the arm of devotees, the most famous will be Luang Phor Koon who was very famous in the Wichah of inserting takrut.

For more than 20 years, Luang Por Koon had chanted and inserted Takrut for devotees but now He had stopped due to poor health. I’ve met someone today with the Takrut under his arm, I was given permission by him to touch it and the feeling is~~ weird, by seeing, you can’t tell that THERE is something inside, but when I started to touch it, I can really feel something inside the arm.

According to him, he did it for blessing of good health. His wife also has one and there was an incident when a doctor was trying to get some blood sample from her, despite several injection, there was no blood ( Believe it or not, she don’t feel the pain at all) and immediately he reminded her that she should try the other side of her hand and within second, blood flows out.

Out of curiosity, I asked him if it’s painful and to my surprised, he said that the pain was during the time when the monk pull the skin of his arm before placing it on a surface, but the moment when he use the piece of wood to "knock" the gold takrut inside his arm, the pain is still bearable and no bloody scenes at all.

These Takrut are very well proven to protect a person from accidents, Metta and as well as Kong Grapan (immunity from weapons). I found some interesting info on Lek lai insertion ritual, which i guess should be similar to what LP Koon did.

"Lek Lai", the mythical Thai-originated magical metal amulet said to possess supernatural powers against evil elements and life-threatening situations. Lek Lai literally means fluid metal in Thai. It usually comes in various shapes, like a capsule, a tiny ball, a turtle, etc. It exists in the crevices of some caves. Legend has it that if one is in possession of a genuine Lek Lai, he would be able to survive three consecutive gun shot, it is said to be a favourite talisman among the Thai enforcement officers.

The monk who perform this ritual would use a ‘sacred wooden hammer’ and a metal hole-puncher to punch a hole through the skin near the upper arm of the devotee concerned.He would then insert the Lek Lai, which usually measures slightly smaller than a "tic-tac", into the devotee’s body through the said hole.

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