Sunday, 28 September 2008

Thod Katin~ 15/10 to 12/11

This year the Thod Katin falls on October 15 – November 12

ทอดกฐิน (thod katin) is the ceremony of presenting new robes to the monks at a certain temple (each temple allowed to have only 1 katin every year), must be at least 5 monks who complete their three-month rains retreat.

‘Thod Katin’ is a time-limit robe offering, one month long, begins after the end of Buddhist Lent or rain retreat, 1st day of waning moon, 11th lunar month to 15th day of fullmoon, 12th lunar month.

"Katin" is Bali language means Sa Deung Wood. It is the frame for embroidery robe of a Buddhist. Traditionally there is a procedure started from preparing cloth, This ceremony must be completed and the cloth must be presented to the monk within one day. It needs many people to work together, and binds them together with happiness to see the success of their effort.

The monks will have the meeting in the chapel to receive " Katin". When a group of monks arrives then the hosts will hand out Ka Tin Robes to the monk one by one and offering not more than 5 monks to receiver Katin and must receive together. After that, The hosts will pray in Bali language first before they will give "Kathin" to the monks. The monks will tell the monk who has the oldest Gee Won and the cleverness in the Buddhist teaching to be whom Kran Ka Tin. Kran Ka Tin is announcing to the monks about assign Ka Tin robe to the monk that is suitable to obtain it. After this ritual then the hosts will wait for the monks pray in Bali Language and they will say " Sa Thu" to indicate the end of this ritual. The hosts then will take the flags, which draw an alligator, from "Ka Tin" to put in front of the temple as to tell people that this temple had had "Kathin Ritual" .

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