Thursday, 25 September 2008

Nang Kwak Mantra

Nang Kwak (นางกวัก) Thai. 'Beckoning lady'. Female statue (Nang) with one or both arms raised and summoning with her hand(s) as if to gesture or to beckon (kwak). She invites happiness and good fortune and is often found displayed in shops to attract good business. Usually portrayed with a large purse full of money.

(simplified version)


(Longer Version)

Omm Pu Chao Kaow Keao Mi-Look Sau Khun Diao

Ci wa Nang KwakChaiHin Chai Rak

Yin hen Yin Tak Pa Ku Pai Kar

Teng Meng Man Kar Hua Wen Ketai Sen Tar Nan

Sam Ren Krab Pan, Ren Pian Set-Ti

Sam Pee Ren bian Sam Pau Thong

Phra Suk Teh Ka Khun Diao


Eric said...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your informations about rahu in your blog.
I'd appreciate if you could provide me with more informations. I have a few question, hope you can help me with these:-

1) I've just got a rahu statue. I would love to place it in my room to pay respect,pray and give offerings. What is the basic things I should do?
2) Which direction should i face?
3) Should i give offerings(black jelly,black coffee,black biscuits,black beans&etc)every wednesday?
4) What should i chant when praying to rahu?
5) Is it true that joss sticks, flower and candle have to be black when praying to rahu?

Hopefully you can asnwer to my queries. Alternatively, you can email me at for any advise i should know. Awaiting for your reply. Thanks


Anonymous said...


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