Saturday, 13 September 2008

Mid Autumn Festival Dinner for the old folks

The oldest Ah Ma~~Almost 100 years old

The ah kongs enjoying themselve with the food

Volunteers serving food to the old folks

Last evening I went to help out at the Dinner for those old folks from the HOME as well as those staying alone at some rental flat in Bukit Merah. This event was organised by a chinese temple who was known to help out lots of old people around that area. The medium will prescribe chinese medicine and massage for old folks who were suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and other ailment~~ FREE OF CHARGE. And we DO NOT encourage them to give donation. Sometime we also pick up and send the old folks home after each session, as transportation is expensive for some of them.

The medium conducting blessing for the old folks

The dinner was held at the Void deck, we got a caterer to come and whip up a 10 course meal for all these old folk and volunteers like us will act as waiter and waitresses. I can see that the old folks really enjoyed the sumptuous dinner and we also got some children to gives out mooncake to all these Ah Kong and Ah Ma.

Home sweet Home.. 3 buses to send them home

This dinner was not held in any expensive restaurant, neither do we have posh set up, but it's all hard work of devotees and people from the temple. We have to do everything, including the setting of tables and clearing of the place after the event, but I really found this VERY meaningful, having to serve them, helping them moving around and helping them to the bus, I just felt so touched. This is what I always wanted to do, and some people I known from other temple could have done it many years back, which sad to say, they didn't. The amount spent for the whole event = Less than S$6000/-(120 old folks) but satisfaction from doing all this is priceless..

It's good to make others happy and help the needy.

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