Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Pra Pitha


掩面佛,泰语称为(必打~pitha)相传,佛祖坐下有一弟子,名为"拍马哈格咋也呐",他非常聪明,长相俊郎而且样貌与佛祖有几分相似,所以到任何地方都受到善信特别热诚的对待,更有善信误认他为佛祖,但这些也做成他修行的障碍. 部份师兄弟间也有很多闲言闲语,更因为有些女善信对他的款待,被人说他与女子有染犯下重戒. "拍马哈格咋也纳"有见及此,便利用神通法力将容貌改变、身材变成矮小、肥胖,此外,他也将自己的双眼阖上,用手掩住面孔,表示所有阻碍他修行的事物都不能从眼、耳、口、鼻进入身体去影响他的心灵,让他专注修行。后来便演变成配戴必打佛祖能挡灾避险,让一切不好的事物、不好的运气无从进入我们的身躯。

An Old Thai closed eyes Buddha amulet. The Closing Eye Buddha that knowed as ' 'PHA-PIT-Tah' or 'Pha-PID-TA' meaning ' Closed eye buddha' .The Buddha sitting in cross legs posture and two hands cover both eyes (see no evil), that is a nice character. depict a Buddha with hands firmly pressed against his face to obscure his sight. The amulets remind us that the world of the senses is uncertain and filled with illusion, hence the dramatic of Buddha rejection, But there is also a worldly lesson to be learnt: Thai people believed this amulet can bring you happiness and protect and secure good fortune for the owner And also believe the closing eye Buddha reminds us to be wary, and not be taken in easily by everything we see.

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