Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Phra Athikan Anan- Wat Don Chan orphanage

Phra Athikan Anan Anantoe ( aka Kruba Arnan) the abbot of the temple, has supported hilltribe students around the northern region for at least 23 years, including Hmong, Akha, Karen, Yao, Tai Yai (Shan) and Lisu. He said he wanted to do something good for the country and His Majesty the King. Since the children placed a burden on the country, he had decided to help them.
"Only Thai people's kindness supports these children's expenses. The temple doesn't ask for financial support from any organisation. It's up to organisations and individuals who desire to help," Phra Athikan Anan said.
He has taught the children to follow the King's sufficiency philosophy, instructing them to eat together as well as to learn and live happily in simple conditions.
"The food for the students under the temple's patronage is donated by local people, including vegetables, fruits, seasonings and rice," Phra Athikan Anan said.
The children still need consumer products for daily use, especially washing powder and toothpaste.

I know some Singaporean used to visit them with regular donation of food and necessities as well as prepare & feed the children lunch/dinner. There are approx. 500 kids there from the ages of 5-15. Most are from the mountain regions and borders in Thailand. Some of the computers and projectors in the school were donated by them too.

Those who is going to chiangmai, perhap can make your trip more meaningful by paying them a visit and at the same time, you may choose to offer some donation to them.

The address:

Thasala District, Chiangmai.
Tel: (053) 240184

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