Friday, 19 October 2007

It's sad..

Looking at this picture, I felt a sense of sadness. There are lots of amulet everywhere, in Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and of course Singapore. As we are aware, many people, in the name of devotees actually make money by selling amulet ( as shown but definitely not at that price). They claimed that the amulet they are selling were genuine, limited edition, antique.... And these people are the one who make big buck$!

Take a closer look at the picture, they are all familiar amulets which we can see from shops selling them at high price and claiming how special and rare they were!
Personally I felt regardless if it's amulet of Buddhas or Monks they are all we should respect and there is no "Faked" or "Genuine" as long as you respect the Buddha and Monks, they are genuine.

I'm not stopping anyone from making money, or stopping anybody to buy/ rent from those people, to each their own, it's just my thoughts and I'm just expressing it in my way.

Whatever that is written here is not intended to harm or hurt anybody. Either ways, I bear no responsibilities for any physical or emotional harm to anybody.

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