Monday, 16 November 2009

Year of Snake: Bodhi three at Wat Photharam Mahawihan Temple, Chiang Mai

Bodhi tree is important to Buddhists because the Buddha attained enlightenment under such tree.

Lanna people still believe that Bodhi is sacred and can eliminate suffering. There is a tradition to offer props to Bodhi trees for support, along with other things.

For those born in the year of snake, their place of worship is the Bodhi tree at Buddhagaya in India. If that is not possible, they can also worship Bodhi trees in any temples. The Wat Photharam Mahawihan temple is a significant temple where the 8th world semimar on the revision of the Tripitaka took place.

King Tilokkarat who built the temple brought Bodhi trees from Sri Lanka to be planted there, and the Great Seven Places where the Buddha resided before the propagation of his teaching were demonstrated there.
The temple’s principal stupa was a replica of the Buddhagaya Chedi. The outer facade of the stupa’s base is decorated with beautiful stuccoed designs.

Location - Superhighway Road, Mueang district, Chiang Mai

Getting there
By Car- From Bangkok drive along highway no. 32 to Nakhon Sawan, then take highway no. 1 passing through Tak and Lampang. After that use highway no. 11 to Chiang Mai. The distance from Bangkok is 700 km. Once in Chiang Mai go down the Chang Pueak road to the Superhighway intersection. Turn left and go straight for 600 meters. The temple is on your right.

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