Saturday, 28 November 2009

Saying Goodbye can be so difficult!

I didn't expect myself to be so emotional when i send a friend off back to india, Never did I expect it's so hard to say Goodbye. I remembered 6 years ago, when he first arrived in Singapore, I was there, buying him lots of veggie and food stuff which I'm not too sure if he likes and now 6 years later I'm there to say goodbye to him.

Sampath, Thanks for everything and all the effort during the time when you are serving Rahu and I believe even if you are faraway from Rahu, you will still be as devoted and Always remember, Rahu will be there to guide and bless you, Always!

I know you will be reading this when you got home, Once again, Thank you for all the moment we had spend together working for Rahu and also all the best to you.

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