Sunday, 9 August 2009

Holy shower and gold foil from Monk

This morning we went over to Lorong Ong Lye for the holy shower and also for the monk to place the golden foil on our forehead. According to him, it's for luck and also protect us from danger (平安). This time round he did not ask me where did i purchase the flower from since i'm consider quite regular to visit him. By the way, it's good to take the holy shower if we are feeling down or unlucky, but if things improved, it's better to stop, probably for us becos the set of flowers with it's special stuff inside is supposed to "sweep" away things and of course we do not want the good luck to be swept aways isn't it?


sgsportsbike said...


where can we get the flowers? As in the exact address of the shop? And what would the price be like? And also, if doing tamboon to monks with those saffron-coloured pails with necessity item, how much will one such pail cost? Thanks and rgds.

Rahu Om Chan Singapore said...

1) Go to Geylang Serai Mkt stall #01-145. It's a Malay aunty selling flowers. Remember to tell her it's for Thai Bathing. 1 set cost about $4/-. In case if she ask how many lime,3 will do.
2) The Bucket i bought at Golden Mile. They are selling rangeing from $35-60. Can't recall which shop. But it's the thought that counts. Whatever things you buy and send to monk, they will be ok.

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks thanks! :)

eckhart tolle