Wednesday, 8 July 2009

My New Altar

As you can see, I have actually replace some of the statue with 2 statues of Monks ( Luang Pu Tuad & Archan Toh) and suddenly the altar seems so empty. Initially we wanted to return the statues to the temple which we got them from, but a friend, who was the committee member of the temple said he likes Guanyin statue and another of his friend wanted the Rahu & Sangkaja. We have made it clear to him that we gave him becos he wanted them and There is no money involve as that was a promise we had with all the statues before we gave them away, should someone breaks this promise by making money through selling away the statues, he would have to answer the consequences.

The small Buddha statue was given to my colleague and I know the statue will be in good hand.


sam said...

bro, ur original altar looks nicer le, but maybe without the turtle and some other small statue should be great and a the cloth amulet behind, sure looks great! by the way, the yellow shelf u did urself? very nice!

Rahu Om Chan Singapore said...

Thanks for reading. Ya, I made the shelf. Too many statues in the beginning so remove them. As for the turtle, still at home cos it's from Lp Liew temple, so wouldn't give anyone.

KillErMask said...


Can i check with you, i have a ra hu which i just bought from bangkok. Its carved from a coconut husk. I have place it in my office. Is it ok?

Rahu Om Chan Singapore said...

It's ok to place it at home, car or office. As long as not in the bedroom.

Alvin said...

Hi Bro 1st time reading ur blog
anymore wan to give i wan la...haha

Rahu Om Chan Singapore said...

Hi Alvin,
First of all, Thank YOU for reading the blog, hope you enjoy. Secondly, As you can see from the pic, how "empty" my altar can be, so there's really no more statues to give out. Frankly speaking, if there's Buddha in your Heart, i'm sure HE will follow you anywhere you go.
Oce again, thanks for reading and if there's anything you would like to share, you are most welcome.

eckhart tolle