Friday, 10 July 2009

Luang Pu Koon Yant

This yant was in my drawer for sometime and it's only recently when i start to do some cleaning upi then i found it. According to the thai word on the yant, it's for improving of wealth and business prosperity. So out of curiousity, i check the website and realised people are selling it at S$40/- ! Wow.. and to think i got it free! Anyway, I have given it to a colleague, for a price of $2/-( he say cannot take for free) and i used it for donation to a temple.

He was a devotee of Lp Koon because according to him, during the darkest period of his life, he dreamt of LP Koon and from there, he became a follower. He was very happy that he got the yant and me too, it's always great to make someone happy!


eckhart tolle