Saturday, 13 June 2009

Nine birth star ceremonies

At Wát Pêt sà-mòot (วัด เพชรสมุทร) you’ll find a table decked with candles and plastic flowers in shiny gold bowls, a box with pens and bits of coloured paper, and a box with a slit in the top through which to slide the aforementioned bits of coloured bits of paper.

The red, yellow, orange, green, pink, blue and purple pieces of paper are meant to correspond with the days of the week.

In Thai tradition, there is an astrological rule (which has influence from Hindu mythology) that assigns color for each day of the week. The color is assigned based on the color of the God who protects the day or Navagraha.

For example, the God of Sunday is Surya which has red color. These colors of the day are the traditional Thai birthday colors. For example, King Bhumibol was born on Monday, so on his birthday throughout Thailand will be decorated with yellow color.

Write your name and surname, day/month/year of birth to enter the Nine Birth Star ceremony held on the tenth of August of every year. Suggest give 20 baht - wrapped the annotated paper in a baht note and shoved it into the box next to the candle display.

You are supposed to choose the colour of the day of the week you were born, not the colour of the day of your birthday this year. Eg, if you are born on a Wednesday, then filled out a green slip of paper and stuffed it into the box too.

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