Sunday, 28 June 2009

Holy Shower at Wat Kancanaram

This morning, we went to Lorong Ong Lye at the advise of a master for the holy shower. Before we went to the temple, we went to get the flowers for the temple. This is not only normal flowers at the market, there's a few "unique and rare" items too. Luckily we managed to get all the stuff by 9am. When we reach the temple, we were told to pick up a pail filled with water and leave it near the monk, when it's our turn for the blessing, passed the packet of flowers to the monk and he will cut the lime ( got special way to cut, not what we always do). He also cut up the husk and the black colour plant. Then he lights up the candles and tied the white thread around the pails and passed it to us. Then he start his chanting which last about 5-8mins. We proceed to the room for shower and clear up the mess after we are done. The monk was very jovial, he was also impressed with the flower we prepared. He even asked why we know that we have to prepare all these and what is the special meaning behind all the item. When i answered all his queries, he gave me a smile and say " WIN ONLY, NO LOSS" in his thai hokkien ( 赢,没有输). After the shower, we went around the temple and start praying.
The Archan Toh Statue at the 2nd floor of the temple.

There's 7 kinds of flowers including jasmine, 3 limes, one black plant? wonder what is it and also things looks like coconut husk!

** The temple do prepare flowers for devotees, and with $1/- you can get a brand new towel should you forget to bring for the holy shower. It feels great after the whole session, I will sure bring my friends and family for it again. Thanks to the master who told us where and what to get for the session.

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