Saturday, 13 June 2009


I had a dream last night. I dreamt that i was with uncle taking a stroll and suddenly the scene changed to a "forest", we were busy plucking some leaves ( if i'm not wrong, it's the time when master says he need the leave to do some ritual for uncle). We were enjoying so much then, busy selecting leaves and i need to keep a look out, in case someone caught us. I remember our expression was funny!

Then there's also the scene when we both enjoying our ice cream, we just squat at the roadside with an ice cream on the right hand and a packet of nuts on the left. Then uncle ask " Why didn't you visit aunty and myself anymore? Busy? or you hate taking care of me?" No uncle, no such thing, if i'm afraid, i wouldn't have visit you and help to change and feed you. It's different now, things had changed, people has changed too. I still respect you and aunty, but it's just inconvenient for me to go to your house anymore. Then uncle said " Have you forgotten what you had promised me in the hospital? Have you forgotten the pact we had". No Uncle, never, as long as i'm needed, i'll be there to help. I just hope that it will never happened. I still remember what i had promised you on 19th May 2006, and I WILL KEEP MY PROMISE, forever.....

** Old people always said we should never break a dead man's promise. I've always bear it in mind and try not to promise anything, but there are some circumstances when we just had to give our promise, to make them feel better. I have a bad feeling, i hope all will be well. God Blessed...

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