Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Worshipping Six Gods in Ratchaprasong area -pt 3


Trimurti is the the manifestation of the 3 supreme gods: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer. The integration of 3 most sacred power in one god makes Trimurti considered as the one of the most powerful gods.
These 3 gods can be compared to the symbol of natural power: creation power, maintenance power, and destroy power. These 3 kinds of power are symbolized by the word "Om," which comes from "Ma" representing Brahma, "Aa" representing Vishnu, and "U" representing Shiva.
Therefore, praying this word is similar to saying the names of the 3 grate gods, which is believed that it can give superb blessing from gods. Most people believe that whorshipping Trimurti can grant them the fertility of life, love, and work. Thai people's belief and faith towards Trimurti focus on worshipping him as the great god of love, especially among teenagers who have strong faith in him. On Valentine's day, a lot of people will come to worship him to ask for his blessings.
This is another belief that people have towards Trimurti. It is believed that 9.30pm. on every Thursday night is the auspicious time that god will come down from the heaven and grant their wishes.
Location: In front of Isetan and Central World Plaza
Flower for Worship: For being most auspicious, use bale leaf (three-serrated). If you cannot find, you can use other kinds of flowers, such as white lotus, margosa leaf, fragrant yellow-petalled flowers such as Michelia champaca and Michelia longifolia. Also use 9 red joss sticks.
Festive Day: Every December 2

The Erawan Shrine is the most respected sacred place in this area. Each year, there are millions of people coming to worship him at Ratchaprasong intersection. According to Hinduism's history, Brahma originated inside a lotus sprouting up from Vishnu's naval, while the latter was sleeping on the back of the Naga King at Scene from the Churning of the Milk Ocean.
He is highly respected because he is the creator of all things in the world. He is admired for being one of the 3 great gods, together with Vishnu and Shiva. He is called the great god of mercy and human human destiny since he is full of kindness and calm. He listens to the wishes of people from all directions by his four faces which take care of all over the heaven and the world. He grants the wishes of all faithful worshippers.
According to the legend, Brahma created human beings by his own organs, such as the Brahmins from his head, the Kshatriyas from his shoulder, the Vaishywas from his stomach, and the Shudras from his feet.
Location: In front of Erawan Bangkok
Flower for Worship: White lotus or white flowers, such as apocyanceae, jasmine, orange jasmine. For joss sticks, use 12 joss sticks to pitch in 4 basins in front of each face of Brahma
Festive Day: Every November 9

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