Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Worshipping Six Gods in Ratchaprasong area-pt 2

Narayana on Garuda

Narayana or Vishnu is one of the 3 great gods of Hinduism.

He was originated from Shiva's rubbing his left hand with right hand. Shiva taught all kinds of arts to Narayana and let Narayana stay at Scene from the Churning of the Milk Ocean. Whenever bad things happen, Vishnu has the duty to get rid of those demons or bad people, so he gets the name 'the preserver of the universe'. Moreover, he often incarnates in order to destroy the sorrow or suffering of human beings.

Narayana has 4 arms holding weapons, which are a club, a lotus flower, a discus and a conch shell. His vehicle is Garuda. His power can get rid of evil things and destroy the demons in that area.

Location: In front of Inter-Continetal Hotel Bangkok

Flowers for Worship: White lotus, Cape marigold, white orchid, jasmine

Festive Day: Every May 18


Indra or Indhor who has green skin is the great god in Indra dwells. He has 1,000 eyes, so he is worshipped as a god who takes care of joy and sorrow of human beings. He has beautiful appearance, so he is a gallant god. His hand holes the lightening bolt to kill devils or drought demons. He rides an elephant named Airavata who normally is a pretty god loving drinking soma.

When Indra would like to go anywhere, he will transform to be Airavata. In Buddha's Era, Indra played a three-string harp for Lord Buddha during his attitude of suffering.

Location: Amarin Plaza

Flowers for Worship: White or red lotus, white rose, or any kind of fragrant flowers

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