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Worshipping Six Gods in Ratchaprasong area -pt 1


He was born from Uma Parvati who was the consort of Shiva. She took her own gook and created it to be a pretty gentleman to guard at the entrance of the cave, not letting anyone cone in without permission while she is taking baht alone. At first, he was born with a human head, but one day, Shiva came to visit her, but Ganesha did not allow him to enter the cave since he did not know that Shiva was his father. Shiva got so angry that he commanded his team to kill the gatekeeper, Ganesha. When Uma Parvati found out, the battle between god and goddess happened. It was so troublesome that Mararishi ancetic had to offer to reconcile their dispute. Uma Parvati would stop only if her son was alive again. Shiva commanded the gods to find the head of the first living thing they found to replace his son's head. The god got an elephant's head, so Ganesha had the elephant head since then. Ganesha is the god of success and the king of all kinds of arts. He has had a close relationship with Thai society for very long time.

Location : In front of Isetan and Central World Plaza
Flower for Worship: Red lotus is most important, or red rose, basil leaf, pomegranate leaf, mango leaf (believed by Hinduism to be auspicious leaf), Bermuda grass, jasmine flower, bel leaf, solunum torvum leaf, Indian jujube leaf, thevetia leaf, Fape marigold flower.
Festive Day: Every December 2


She is the goddess born from ambrosial water while devas and demons performed 14 magical things. Those included a lady sitting on the red lotus, who is Lakshmi. She is the goddess of fortune who always has mercy. She is the role model for all women because she has pleasant speeches and also brings prosperity. Narayana saw her when he incarnated to be a giant turtle to lift the earth. He fell in love with her, so he used his magical power to make her become his consort. According to the legend, Lakshmi will take incarnation every time Narayana take incarnation. It is believed that Lakshmi has concealing power that supports Narayana to have power to preserve the world. Lakshmi is often worshipped as the goddess of wealth and goodness, who will grant luck, prosperity, and fertility to her worshippers.

Location : The deck on the 4th floor of Gaysorn Plaza

Flowers for Worship: White or pink Nelumbo, Amaranth in any colors, pink rose. To worship, you should put a tub full of water in front of Lakshmi's photo. Before offering, you should unfurl lotus petals and let it float in the tub. (This is because Lakshmi was born from bubbles.)

Festive Day: Every October 22

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