Monday, 30 March 2009

Amma's Darshan

I went to Suntec yesterday and waited about 5hours before i get my chance to receive Amma's darshan. We were really very excited after the darshan, the feeling was GREAT! And I would say~~~ it's worth waiting.
My friend who went with me was speechless... He just couldn't speak! When we ask him how does he feel? He just keep smiling and lost of word. Amma whispered something in our ear, but i really can't figure out. I believe it must be some kinds of prayers and i'm happy because my friend from india wrote down my request in Amma's language and i got the chance to pass to her and i guess the word she whisper in our ears was blessing from her.     
I spoke to some followers of Amma and all of them told me Amma's darshan is powerful and has the ability to heal and change people. With a hug, she has been known to take on people's karma and physical diseases, and in so doing, clear them of their pain and illness by clearing it through her own body.
I've experienced the hug and I know i'll be there again, regardless how long the queue will be!

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