Friday, 20 February 2009

Pra Khru Worawetmni (Luang Por Ie) Wat Luang Po

One local legend of this monk is that when the Sattahip naval base was heavily attacked during World War II, people fleeing the temple were astonished to see Luang Por Ie standing in the middle of the temple courtyard praying.The bombs from the planes then fell harmlessly into the sea and people also saw Luang Por Ie’s “Palad Kik”, a sacred small wooden penis image, chase the planes and the bombs, somewhat like a modern-day guided missile.People swore that Luang Por was seen receiving food offerings in Chonburi before they took a bus back to Sattahip. But the monk was already at the temple when they arrived in Sattahip without taking the same bus back.The abbot was sick from an abscess in his neck in 1946 but didn’t want to be treated, recalling that in his previous life that he had killed a deer by shooting it in the neck. It was then the right retribution with which to end in this life.He passed away at the age of 81 on September 20, 1946, which corresponded to the waning moon during the 10th day of lunar month 10 at 8.35pm.

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