Sunday, 15 February 2009


How should we tell God that we are offering something to them? Usually we will say out the name of the occasion, what we have for HIM and also ask for blessing. Below is a little chant we can practice.

Aspiration at time of Offering

Sudinnam vata me danam, asavakkhayavaham, nibbanam hotu, me anagate kale.
This Dana of mine has been properly offered. may this Dana result in the obliteration of all defilements and in the achievement of Nibbana in the future.

Removing Offerings from the Buddha Altar
How many of us ever ask for Buddha's "Permission" before we remove the offerings from the Altar. Guess after the 3rd day we will just clear away the offerings not knowing that we have to chant a little note for that. Here is to share with all of you.

Sesam Mangalam Yacami.

May I ask for the remaining auspiciousness ( offerings)

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