Monday, 9 February 2009

Makha Bucha Day in Thailand 09.02.2009

Source - The Nation Photo gallery

Makha Bucha is a special Buddhist holiday in Thailand. Many people have a day off work, but the main festivities occur in the early evening of this full moon night.

Makha Bucha is a day to remember two events that occurred on the same day, but forty-five years apart. The first event was the spontaneous arrival of 1,250 Buddhist monks to meet and be ordained by the Buddha - without any prior announcement having been given. The second, occurred forty-five years later, and was when the Buddha delivered a Dhamma talk just before his death.

All over Thailand Buddhists will be making offerings to monks at the temples. Afterwards they will light one candle and three incense sticks to carry along with one lotus flower as they circumnavigate around the main temple building (bot) while chanting and holding the candle, incense and lotus between their upright and folded hands

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