Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Wat Chin Pracha Samosorn-龙福寺

Wat Chin Pracha Samosorn, or Wat Leng Hok Yee, chinese Mahayana Buddhist temple situated on Suphakit Rd, near Ban Mai Market. It was built during the reign of King Rama V by the Chinese abbot of Wat Leng Noei Yi over a century ago.

Leng Noei Yi temple is always busy and you seldom get the chance to pray. The highlight of the temple is a set of three principle Buddha images made from paper. They are Phra Yoo Lai、Phra Onitohud,Phra Lasuhud.The images were created in China and originally meant for Leng Noei Yi.

There are preserved remains of two former abbots covered in golden leaf. They sit in the posture of meditation. Visitors never hesitate to ask for success in commerce or business from the God of Luck, which is said to bring good fortune to those who carry it in pouch hanging from the side. You have to squeeze the pouch at the bottom three times to drive your luck out of the bag, then touch your wallet to make sure your luck gets there.

A huge sacred bell is inscribed with prayers in Chinese characters all over it. There are only three of its kind in the world and built especially for illiterate people. They can just ring the bell then they can pray for their wish.

There is a statue of Guan In Bhotisattra, the God of Healing, and other Chinese deities in the temple.
Many sacred items in the temple mirror the strong faith of Chinese people in Buddhism.

沿着TaladBanMai市场走出去,路旁有很多绽放的莲花。越过一条马路,就可以看见了。这个寺院感觉很"华人",寺院的主院供奉了3尊中国艺术风格的佛像,分别名 为Phra Yoo Lai、Phra Onitohud和Phra Lasuhud,泰国人都相信3尊佛像可以保佑他们远离疾病。令人感到惊讶的是,这3尊佛像是由纸制成的,远从中国上海运至而来。


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