Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Doubts Separates People

There was this incident~I saw my friend's husband whose car broke down at the TPE. Since there is no way we can stop the car and render our help, I thought I'll just give his wife a call to inform her. I was SHOCKED when i called her, she sounds so hostile! Yes, Hostile!

For God sake, all i did was telling her that i saw her hubby's car broke down at the TPE, a towing car is with him and she start behaving as though i'm sitting next to her husband. I'm really surprised with her behavior, I didn't expect her to behave that way, since I Thought we are friends and even though i can't help much, but at least as a friend the minimal i can do was inform her. Her tone was rude, she was asking me question like " how do you know? where is his location? where are you?" What a question to ask, and being patient which i'm usually not, i answered all her queries. I reported to her " I was in a car with a friend, on my way home, i saw him at the TPE towards Sengkang and that's all! Then i hang up the phone. Minutes later, she start calling me and her voice again was rude, she said " you said you saw Stephen, how come i don't see him there?' Hello aunty, I told you he is with the towing car, maybe he took a ride from the man? Do you expect him to stand at the highway and wait for your arrival? Why don't you call him! And again, I didn't even get a Thank you from her!

This is sad, to think that she claim to be a devoted Buddhist, but she had forgotten to be thankful and she was blinded by Jealousy which i don't see the need. She have no trust with her friends and spouse. She have no confident of herself.

"There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt. Doubt separates people. It is a poison that disintegrates friendships and breaks up pleasant relations. It is a thorn that irritates and hurts, it is a sword that kills."~~The Buddha

Ignorance, or not having real wisdom, lies at the basis of all our problems, up to the fact that we are not fully enlightened Buddhas, who only experience bliss and no suffering or frustration. Due to our ignorance, we do negative actions and thus create misery in our future. According to Buddhism, all our negative (unhelpful) emotions have their origin in misunderstanding in general and not realising the wisdom of emptiness. The road to a full realisation of this wisdom is usually very long, and can easily take many life-times, but a journey needs to begin with a first step....

"If we have a good heart, we experience much happiness and relaxation. We have no reason to feel angry or jealous and we have a very happy mind. When we speak, sweet words come out. Even our face is happy and smiling. At night we go to bed with a happy mind and have a very comfortable sleep, without any worries.

The reason why I've put it down, not because i'm angry, but i just want her to know she have a long way to go.. to be a real follower of buddha.

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