Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Facts and figures of Buddhism in Singapore

THE three major schools of Buddhism in Singapore are:
  1. Mahayana Buddhism ~ Brought here by early Chinese immigrants and is the main practice of the Chinese. Followers strive towards the attainment of enlightenment or Buddhahood and place emphasis in the cultivation of compassion and wisdom.
  2. Tibetan Buddhism ~ Originating in the Tibetan and Himalayan regions, it is getting popular among the younger set here. Like the Mahayana followers, they also strive to attain Buddhahood, but they do more mantra chanting and meditation.
  3. Theravada Buddhism ~ This school of Buddhism, the oldest, was brought here by the Thais, Burmese and Sri Lankans. Its followers believe every person is responsible for his own liberation. The practice of concentration and insight meditation are key.

# One-third were converted by relatives and another third by friends and colleagues

# 35% became Buddhists to seek purpose and meaning in life

# 74% would marry someone of a different religion

# 27% expect their children to follow their religion

Source: The Buddhist Channel

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