Saturday, 6 March 2010

The White Tiger Deity

In the Chinese lunar calendar, there are 24 divisions to a solar year. The "Awakening of Insects Day" happen to be in the 2nd division following directly after the Spring season. Due to climatic changes from Winter to Spring, thereby awaken insects from their winter sleep. Therefore it is called "Awakening of Insects", Chinese people believes this is the time the "White Tiger" will open its ferocious mouth to feast after a long hibernation during Winter.

Believers will gather at a temple and pray to the Tiger deity with a set of joss paper, incense, candles and food. Offerings include lard, duck eggs, sesame seeds and green beans are also offered to get rid of vile persons gossips.. They will place a small piece of lard into the Tiger deity mouth as a symbolic ritual of appeasing the Tiger deity not to stir up any trouble which includes bloodshed caused by accidents, major surgery, and calamities.

The Tiger deity is a very powerful deity believes that it can confers protections to worshippers and also help them get rid of vile persons, which may be your friends, colleagues or even your subordinate. That may slander, backstab, and giving you a hard time, especially these climbing the corporate ladder this may affect your chance of getting promoted.

Usually a set of joss paper is prepared in advance for worshipping the Tiger deity.

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