Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Dreamt of BIG BOSS last week, in the dream there's also Ron ( busy cooking), others,  ray & myself, HQ don't look familiar anymore, some changes took place, can't really recall what's the changes, all i can see is it's no longer look like a temple anymore. BIG BOSS said " Come back for reunion dinner!" Ha, New year is over, why is it so that he is asking us to go back for dinner? Oh ya, I've realised I've not been there for a while, not even during chinese new year. So I went down last wednesday with some offerings, the door was locked, with only notice stating that they will be close till further notice. I can only stand outside the door and pray to him, telling him I'm back and i took all the offering home. Wondering if they will be opening this week, because it's also the 地主 Birthday, wished i can be there.

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