Sunday, 15 July 2007

The White Cord used during special Occasion

Some devotees whom attended our Vesak Day and Rahu Birthday celebration asked this question " Why did you coil the white string around the temple and the buddhas as well as all the amulet"?

Let me briefly answer their question here.

The sacred white cord called sai sin keeps out evil spirits and protects everyone and everything inside it, so it must be draped round the entire outer wall of the compound.
The sai sin is passed into the room where the ceremony will be held, draped across the Buddha image's right hand, and then passed out again and on round until the premises are completely encircled. Then it is brought back into the room again, to the Buddha image and from there the spool is placed on the abbot's mat.
The abbot passes the reel of sai sin cord to the monk sitting next to him, and from there it passes from hand to hand until all the monks are holding the white thread. The abbot then lights a white candle and fixes it firmly across the rim of the bowl. As the melted wax drips into the bowl during the chanting, the water inside becomes consecrated. This holy water is called nam mon. The Pali chanting begins with the abbot reciting a few short passages Then the rest of the monk take up the chanting, which continues, deep and sonorous, for 30 to 40 minutes, while devotees sit with palms joined in a wai.
Finally, the abbot blesses everyone, including the temple / house itself, by splashing holy water from the bowl.

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