Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Pra Buddha Chinnarat - 成功佛

Phra Buddha Chinarat is acclaimed to be the most beautiful Buddha image anywhere. It is one of the most revered Buddha images in Thailand, only second to the Emerald Buddha. It is in the attitude of subduing evil. It was created during the reign of Phra MahaThammaRacha I (Phra Li Thai) in the style of Sukhothai. Actually, King Li Thai wanted three new Buddha images for his new temple. As a result, three artisans from Sawankhalok and Chiangsaen offered to cast three high-quality Buddha images for him. The first two, which were Phra Buddha Chinasri and Phra Buddha Satsada respectively, were cast very well and currently are housed in Wat Bavornives in Bangkok. However, the last failed many times. Eventually, an old man appeared mysteriously and created a Buddha image with a flaming halo, which ends in nagas on both sides of the Buddha and then the old man disappeared mysteriously.
King Li Thai was so impressed and named that Buddha image as Phra Buddha Chinarat, which meant the Victorious King Buddha image.

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