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Luang Pu Toh หลวง ปู่ โต๊ะ ( 27.03.2430 ~05.04.2524)

Luang Pu Toh, Wat Pradoochimpee was one of the famous Thai monk in Thailand Temple and came from the local Bangkontee district of Samutsongkram province.

Pra Raht Sangwalahpimon also known as Luang Phor Toh ItatSuwannon (official name as Chao Khun Prarachsangwara Bhimonda) born in Bahn Klorng Nahng Noi, Jangwat Samutsongkrahm on 27 March BE2430 (1887) from the family of Loy & Tub Ruttanakon. At the age of 13, his parents passed away and taken care by a relative at Wat Pradoochimplee.

As a young boy, Luang Pu Toh became a novice monk under Luang Poo Suek at Wat Pradoochimplee . During that period, Pra Atitgahnkum was the abbot of Wat Pradoochimplee. Luang Poo Tog studied dhamma under Pra Ah Jahn Prom .

When he reached the age of 20, Luang Pu Toh was ordained as a monk on 16th July BE2450 by Praku Sammanatamsamahtahn (Luang Poo Saeng) from Wat Paknam. Prakru Tammawirat (Chei) Wat Gumpaeng were the receptors. After Pra Ah Jahn Prom passed away, Luang Pu Toh went to study dhamma under Luang Por Rong Wat Tahgrabeua at Samusahkon Province.

Sometime later, he went Tudong to many forested places in Northern Thailand, spending many rain retreats there. Luang Pu Toh was a dedicated respectable monk who was highly respected by the local people.
Luang Pu Toh returned to Bangkok and became the abbot of Wat pradoochimplee. He got to know Luang Por Sod, Wat Paknam and they became close friends. Sometime later, Luang Por Sod accompanied Luang Pu Toh to learn under the very famous Pra Ah Jahn Nohng at SuphanBuri Province. After studying under Ah Jahn Nohng for many years, Luang Pu Toh returned to Bangkok.

LP Toh was very popular and highly respected in Bangkok. Whenever there were any ceremony such chanting of amulets, celebration, fund raising etc, Luang Poo Toh would always be invited, because when people heard about Luang Poo Toh's name, they would come to support the ceremony.

LP Toh took over the position of the Temple from LP Kum at the age of 26 where he became the abbot.

He passed away on 5th April BE2524 at the age of 93 years old.

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