Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Demised of venerable Luang Pu Hong 05-03-2014

Demise of Luang Pu Hong
This is such a sad news.. I wished it was a April Fool day joke..We thought we will get to see him after our return from France. 

Saw from an article :

During the entire period when LP Hong was bedridden, LP not even once was heard complaining, grumbling or lamenting about his physical condition. Whenever anyone asked LP Hong how he was doing, LP Hong would always smile and reply "very well" despite the fact that he was already bedridden and immobile. Even though his body was failing him, LP Hong's mind and spirit were still as strong as ever.

That is just so him.. Always nice and caring, understanding and fatherly. Will always remembered his guidance and also what he had told us personally 10 years ago. 

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