Sunday, 15 December 2013

Thai temple in bordeaux France

Finally after almost one year, after many visit to churches and cathedral and even Lourdes, we managed to find a Thai Buddhist Temple♥♥! Imagine the excitement knowing that there is one which is pretty near us, about 45 min drives! 
Wat Bouddha Bordeaux,  a little temple in a residential area. We got it right using the help of GPS. Press bell and a young guy came to open the door and direct us to the main Hall. A small little area with a nice English speaking thai monk from the Southern Thailand, pattani. He is a friendly monk who had just been here for almost a year before he came from Germany and he spent 11 years in USA to promote the meditation and setting up of temple.
We had a good chat and he share not only his knowledge in Buddhism, views of current situation of Thailand, his experience in foreign countries and also he taught us basic meditation! 
Dhammakaya meditation in the tradition taught at Wat Pak Nam. The system is said to be an efficient way to purify the mind. One begins by bringing the attention to a point in the center of the body. A crystal ball or Buddha image is visualized as a //nimitta// (mental image); a mantra such as "Samma Araham" or "Buddho" can be used to further reduce mental chatter. As the mind becomes clearer, the wisdom inherent in the mind will manifest itself. It is this wisdom that's called "Dhammakaya."
Despite its his lunch time and knowing that this is the only time they can eat we decided to make a move. The young man Gabe me a book on the history of wat phra dhammakaya and a little card of Luang por wat pak nam. We Thank him and make our move.
Just as we are out at our car the young man ran out and said the monk had got something for us and ask me to go back. So we went back and feeling bad that we are disturbing his lunch. .:-( but he came out and gave us a little amulet and told me the miracles about it. As he know I can read English, he went into his room and gave me a book on dhamma 《 pages to happiness》and told me I can go back and borrow some of the book in English as he had alot of collection! *happy*♥♥*happy*!
I'm sure we will be back,  we felt so good after! 

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