Friday, 28 May 2010

Chiang Mai Day 1 ( 24.04.2010) Wat Don Chan

Kruba Anan!

Building in progress, the University of the temple

One of the classroom. Student waiting for their test result.


Chiangmai! Finally~~ After so many years, dwelling so much to be here, I've step on this beautiful land. After checking into the hotel and had our lunch, we took the tuk tuk to Wat Don Chan.

I thought we are the only one who will be excited to see Kruba Anan, to my surprised, he remembered us. He knew that we are from Singapore and where we came from. We had a good chat ( thou chicken & duck talk) thru hand gesture and not so fluent english interpretation. Understand that he missed some of our friends like (To**, Ran**& Fran***, he really named them) and he was asking me why they are not coming to his temple? Well, i just told him they were too busy.. well, you know businessmen, not like us commoner... Anyway, you know who you are.

We were told by Archan there were 700+ boys/girls, 20 teachers and about 8 monks compared to 3years ago. Not only they have school for the younger kids, they are now building a U campus. The compound is bigger now and the kids are happier too.

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