Sunday, 20 September 2009

Buddha With Sunglass

There is a small shrine in Maha Chai province Thailand, it is about 2 hours drive from Bangkok. The shrine is just next to a very busy fishing port where seamen load and unload their catch daily. There is a story why this particular Buddha is wearing sunglasses.

Luangpor Poo above is one special Buddha in Wat Krok Krak at Samutsakorn Province. The statue of Luangpor Poo actually floated along the large river bank nearby and a shrine was later enacted especally for him. Maha Chai used to be just a small fishing port but has now become a major and important place where business takes place. A man once went to Luangpor Poo and seeked for helped hoping that his life and business would improve. His wish was granted not too long and this faithful devotee actually went back to do thanks giving. He did what any normal devotee would by giving traditional offerings, before he left the temple he was asking himself what else has he not given to Luangpor Poo alas he found that he has a sunglass with him and he put it on the Buddha.I am not sure if this one here is true but someone actually removed the sunglasses from the buddha because he thought that it was disrespectful. Some people said that he became blinded after doing that and he went to replace the glasses back.

Luangpor Poo is also known to grant his devotees wishes qucikly and swiftly so if you want your wish to come true go pay Luangpor Poo a visit.

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